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Pagett Farm

About Us

Collecting eggsPagett Farm is a 63-acre working organic farm located on Route 3 in Palermo, Maine.  We concentrate on producing quality, pastured chicken, turkey, goose, pork, eggs and maple syrup.  We also maintain a large garden.  Pagett Farm is a non-mechanized farm and we strive to be sustainable and environmentally responsible.  We take many extra measures to ensure our animals are humanely raised and happy including raising them on open pasture instead of feedlot conditions. We avoid intensive farming practices and rotate our pastures to keep both land and animals healthier.  Our pork is USDA inspected and our poultry is processed in the only Maine Department of Agriculture-inspected facility. We are long-term members of the Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association (MOFGA)

Our Conservation Efforts

We endeavor to provide a good environment for not just our farm animals, but Cedar Waxwing Nestlingsalso for wildlife species. We have placed 32 nest boxes on our land, which are used by breeding bluebirds and tree swallows. Springtime and early summer are truly spectacular as our sky fills with swooping swallows. WGreen fernse manage our forest edges for woodcock, a game bird species whose population is in serious decline. The result – dazzling aerial courtship displays performed by hopeful male woodcocks. We monitor and record our wildlife species, especially birds. We have thus far recorded 101 bird species on our property, 6 species of frogs, various salamanders, snakes, and mammal species, including moose.

Shinleaf flowerIn every way we can, we try to be green, reducing waste and our environmental footprint. We use a high efficiency water-saving washing machine, and dry laundry on clotheslines and drying racks. We use natural and biodegradable soaps and cleaners. We recycle extensively and compost organic waste. We have water-saving aerators on our faucets, and water-saving toilets. We even have a timer on our shower. Guests have the option of choosing a 5, 8, or 11- minute shower; after the time is up, water flow is cut by 2/3. We use rechargeable batteries in all lanterns and lights in the guest facilities, and have hand-crank flashlights. To reduce light pollution at night, our walkways are marked with light reflectors, rather than lights. Whenever possible we use recycled lumber and other items to construct animal enclosures and other projects. Even our doormats are made of recycled fishing rope.

By staying at Pagett Farm Tent and Breakfast, you help us to continue and increase our efforts in small-scale sustainable food production, and preservation of open space, natural areas, the watershed and wildlife. We believe this is the best way we can serve our community and help address the environmental woes facing earth. With your help, our long-term goals include expanding the size of our farm, and adding wind-power.

"The oldest task in human history:
to live on a piece of land without spoiling it."
~ Aldo Leopold
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